Or just 'Ludes'… From their origin onto the drug scene in the mid 1970’s, until declared a Schedule I Drug and removed by the federal government in 1984, Quaaludes established themselves as unquestionably the best party drug up to that time or since.

Those of us, mostly “Baby Boomers” who were fortunate to have indulged in Ludes, have some great memories, albeit somewhat fuzzy. What was it about Quaaludes that made everyone at the club your friend, gave you the ability, or at least you thought so, to bond with any female in the room? And ladies, weren’t almost all men irresistible after dropping a Quaalude?

And who says that our driving abilities weren’t further improved by a Lude or two? While alcohol and coke did much to enhance the party feeling, it was indeed the Quaalude that got the party going!

Unfortunately, “Mr. Q” can’t get you anymore Quaaludes. Last we heard, they quit making them in South Africa in the late 1980s under the name “Mandrakes”. However, we CAN provide you with the next best thing to the Quaalude itself. We have Various Quaalude Products! From amber glass bottles with metal caps complete with the exact label as seen above! Some of you have seen original Quaalude bottles going for over $100-$200 each on eBay. Now you can have your own Quaalude bottle for only $8.99

Imagine placing your Quaalude bottle on your coffee table and watching your friends’ expressions when they drop by. (In fact, just click here to see some other suggestions for displaying your Quaalude bottle.) We also have Quaalude T-Shirts, Mugs, Hats, Magnets, Coasters and Quaalude Mouse Pads. Just click below to see all of our “Quaalude Products”!

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Quaalude Bottles

Reproduction Bottle

Imagine placing your Quaalude bottle on the coffee table & watching your friend's expression when they drop by! I hope you have as much fun with these products as we've been having.


Logo Cap

What are you waiting for? These little memory triggers will have you and your friends laughing and sharing stories from fun times past. The amazing night with that guy or chick, what the heck was her name?

T-Shirts scroll down aro

Long Sleeve Tee

Short and long sleeve, heavy duty, great fitting, 100% cotton T-shirts with the Quaalude bottle label on the front and an image of the Rorer 714 tablet on the back.


Mac or PC :-)

Watch their eyes when they spot the Quaalude label for the first time. “Holy S#*t where did you get that?” is the normal response, followed by; “Did I ever tell you about the time we”…